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Mitch Davis writes fact-based fiction novels that strike at the very heart of what it is to be human, to experience grief and loss, joy and redemption. Most importantly his writing reminds us that people possess the awesome power to choose how best to navigate the labyrinth of life, to increase what is good and diminish what is bad and destructive. Finding Richard, his first novel, offers a raw but hopeful look at mental illness and its affects on those who are victim to it and their loved ones. His second novel, The Jenna Field, is due to be published in early 2018 and explores the life-altering experience of losing a loved one.

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Richard Buell is surrounded by people that love him. But greater in number and in strength are those who want him to suffer. Peace and happiness are as distant to him as the stars, and he clings to the hope that death might provide him with the comfort he seeks. In the midst of unbearable hardship, Richard is given a gift that transforms him and the people he loves forever.

Finding Richard is a story about the love of family, about tragedy and transformation and, most importantly, about forgiveness.

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